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Batik Manggur

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Batik Manggur adalah batik khas Kota Probolinggo dengan motif utama Mangga dan Anggur (Manggur). Motif Mangga dan Anggur merupakan identitas dari Kota Bayuangga (Bayu=Angin, Anggur, Mangga).  Sejarah tentang Batik Manggur dimulai pada tahun 1883, yang ditandai dengan pameran khusus Batik Probolinggo di Amsterdam Belanda dengan total motif 150 jenis (Sumber: Museum Probolinggo).

As the city of local fruit of Mango & Grape, Probolinggo City has a tremendous Batik orientation & unique in design which is affected by these kind of fruits. So, it is known well called as Batik Manggur, which means in collaboration together between Mango & Grape.  The price is not too expensive, for about Rp.150.000 – Rp. 600.000 and for printed batik is for about Rp. 70.000.  The uniqueness of the product itself is based on the natural color by the local trees. So, it has an undoubtedly quality beyond the masterpiece. For more information, you could go to Manggur Batik, KH. Sulton St., Triwung Kidul Village, call  +6285258729309/+6285336031269. Other centre of batik is Wasi Batik & Embroider. This is the very cheap embroider T-shirt by Rp. 500.000 – Rp. 1.200.000 per T-shirt. For more information, you could go to Wasis Batik on Hayam Wuruk St., No. 287, or by call on +6281358556203. One of the best batik colletion is Incoming Collection. The most variety batik could you find easily. It is located on Lumajang St., No. 69, Sukoharjo Village, call +6281336579000.

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